Directed by 
Jamil Khoury and
Stephen Combs

Executive Producer 
Malik Gillani

Featured Experts 
Roxane Assaf
Ann Hetzel Gunkel
John Tofik Karam
Dominic A. Pacyga

Director of Photography & Editor 
Stephen Combs

Peter Storms

Not Quite White: Arabs, Slavs, and the Contours of Contested Whiteness also features excerpts from the video play WASP: White Arab Slovak Pole (adapted and released under the title both/and), written and produced by Jamil Khoury and directed by J. Paul Preseault. 

WASP: White Arab Slovak Pole was originally commissioned and produced as a stage play (March 2 - April 4, 2010) at Silk Road Theatre Project as part of The DNA Trail: A Genealogy of Short Plays about Ancestry, Identity, and Utter Confusion, which was directed by Steve Scott in association with the Goodman Theatre.

WASP Cast:

Clayton Stamper

Arab Man
Khurram Mozaffar

Angry People of Color
Kelvin Roston, Jr.
Jennifer Shin

Club Girls
Fawzia Mirza
Kiley B. Moore

Image Consultants
Anthony Peeples
Cora Vander Broek

Hoax News Reporters
Joel Gross
Melissa Kong

WASP Crew:

Assistant Director
Alicia Healy

Director of Photography
Stephen Combs

Editor/Script Supervisor
Ashley Kennedy

Set Designer
Chelsea Warren

Costume Designer
Amy Gabbert

Makeup and Hair
Michelle DiSalvo

Production Manager/Props
Jesse Gaffney

Location Sound Mixers
Stephen Jacobs
James Thompson

Assistant Camera
Brittnee Dowdy

Alex Buholzer

A.J. Michael
Eric Reynolds
Tawanda Trask

Technical Director
Jason Pikscher

Production Assistant
Anothai Kaewkaen

Facilities and Craft Services Coordinator
Amanda Vevers